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A leader in innovation and quality for more than 110 years, the Allen-Bradley portfolio delivers the automation components and integrated control systems you need to optimize performance.

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WiAutomation offers a wide range of Allen-Bradley parts.

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1394C-SJT05-T-RL Allen-Bradley Turbo System Module

1394C-SJT05-T-RL GMC Turbo System Module, 360/480V AC, 5kW

1394C-SJT22-T Allen-Bradley MODULE SYSTEM


1394C-SJT10-T-RL Allen-Bradley System Module

1394C-SJT10-T-RL GMC Turbo System Module, 360/480V AC, 10kW

1394C-SJT05-T Allen-Bradley Turbo System Module

1394C-SJT05-T GMC Turbo System Module, 360/480V AC, 5kW

1785-L86B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/86 Controller

1785-L86B Protected PLC-5/86 Controller, 100K Word, 4xDH+/RIO

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1785-L40C Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40C Controller

1785-L40C PLC-5/40C Controller for ControlNet Phase 1.25

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1394C-SJT22-A Allen-Bradley MODULE SYSTEM


1394-SJT10-T-RL Allen-Bradley Turbo System Module

1394-SJT10-T-RL GMC Turbo System Module, 380/460V AC, 10kW

1756-L65 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5565 Processor

1756-L65 ControlLogix Logix5565 Processor, 32MB Memory

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1785-L40L Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40L Controller

1785-L40L PLC-5/40L Controller Extended Local I/O 48K Word SRAM

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1785-L80B Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Controller

1785-L80B PLC-5/80 Controller, 100K Word SRAM, 4xDH+/RIO

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1785-L60L Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Controller

1785-L60L Extended Local PLC-5/60L Controller, 64K Word SRAM

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1756-L63XT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix-XT Logix5563 Processor

1756-L63XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5563 Processor with 8MB Memory

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1785-V80B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/V80 VME Processor

1785-V80B PLC-5/V80 VME Processor, 100K Word SRAM, 4xDH+/RIO

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1785-V40B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/V40 VME Processor

1785-V40B PLC-5/V40 VME Processor, 48K Word SRAM, 4xDH+/RIO Ports

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1785-V40V Allen-Bradley PLC-5/V40 VME Processor

1785-V40V PLC-5/V40 VME Processor, 48K Word SRAM, 4xDH+/RIO Ports

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1394C-SJT10-L Allen-Bradley System Module

1394C-SJT10-L System Module, 360/480V AC, 10kW, with IMC

1756-L64 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5564 Processor

1756-L64 ControlLogix Logix5564 Processor, 16MB Memory

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1771-IFMS PLC-5 Intrinsically Safe Fast Input, 0-50mV, 8 Input

1785-L80C15 Allen-Bradley PLC-5/80C Controller

1785-L80C15 PLC-5/80C Controller for ControlNet 1.5

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1785-L80C Allen-Bradley PLC-5/80C Controller

1785-L80C PLC-5/80C Controller for ControlNet Phase 1.25

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1756-L85E Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor

1756-L85E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 40MB, USB/EtherNet

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1783-IMS28RAC Allen-Bradley Stratix 5410

1783-IMS28RAC Stratix 5410 Ethernet Switch 12-GE PoE 12-SFP 4-10GE

1797-IRT8 ALLEN-BRADLEY - Thermocouple Input Module


1771-NR Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NR PLC-5 8-Port Analog RTD Input Module, High Resolution

1771-IXE Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Input Module

1771-IXE PLC-5 Thermocouple/Millivolt Input Module, 8-Inputs

1756-L63 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5563 Processor, 8MB Memory

1756-L63 ControlLogix Logix5563 Processor, 8MB Memory

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1756-L63S Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Safety Processor

1756-L63S GuardLogix Safety Processor 8M Memory, 4M Safety Memory

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1785-L40C15 Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40C Processor

1785-L40C15 PLC-5/40C Processor with ControlNet 48K SRAM

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1756-L72EROMS Allen-Bradley Armor GuardLogix Safety Processor

1756-L72EROMS Armor GuardLogix Safety Processor, 4MB/2MB

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1756-L73SXT Allen-Bradley guardlogix

1756-L73SXT Allen-Bradley guardlogix extended environmental integrated safety controller with 8m standard memory & 4m safety memory.

1756-L75 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5675 Processor

1756-L75 ControlLogix Logix5675 Processor with 32 Mbytes Memory

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1771-HM 32K CMOS Memory Cartridge for IMC-12x Motion Controllers

1771-NBTC Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NBTC PLC-5 8P Analog TC/mV Combo Module, High Resolution

1785-L40B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40 Controller

1785-L40B PLC-5/40 4xDH+/RIO Controller 48K Word SRAM

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1785-L26B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/26 Processor

1785-L26B Protected PLC-5/26 Processor, 16K Word SRAM

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1756-L73XT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix-XT Logix5673 Processor

1756-L73XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5673 Processor with 8MB Memory

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1756-L62S Allen Bradley GuardLogix Processor

Allen Bradley 1756L62S GuardLogix Processor 4MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory

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1756-L84E Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L84E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 20MB, USB/EtherNet

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1771-NOC Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NOC PLC-5 8P Analog Current Output Module, High Resolution

1394C-SJT05-L Allen-Bradley System Module

1394C-SJT05-L 1394 C System Module, 15A, 5kW, IMCS, Single Axis

1785-L60B Allen-Bradley PLC-5/60 Controller

1785-L60B PLC-5/60 4xDH+/RIO Controller 64K Word SRAM

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1771-NBV1 Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NBV1 PLC-5 8P Analog Volt/Cur Combo Module High Resolution

1771-NIS Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NIS PLC-5 8P Analog Current Input Module, High Resolution

1771-NT1 Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NT1 PLC-5 High Resolution Isolated Analog Module, 8 Inputs

1771-NIV Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NIV PLC-5 8P Analog Volt/Current Input, High Resolution

1771-IXHR Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-IXHR PLC-5 High Resolution Thermocouple/mV Input Module

1771-IL Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Analog Input Module

1771-IL PLC-5 Analog Input Module, 8-Channel Isolated

1771-NOV Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NOV PLC-5 8P Analog Voltage Output Module, High Resolution

1771-NBVC Allen-Bradley PLC-5 ANALOG MODULE