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Power Supplies

Allen-Bradley provide a wide variety of power supply solutions. From switched mode and industrial uninterruptible power supplies to transformers, every product is designed for reliability and dependable operation.


  • 1607-XT ArmorPower

1608 DySC

  • 1608N
  • 1608M
  • 1608P

Transformers for control circuit

  • 1497
  • 1497A
  • 1497B
  • 1497D

Switching power supplies

  • 1606-XLB
  • 1606-XLE
  • 1606-XLP
  • 1606-XLS
  • 1606-XL

Uninterruptible power supplies

  • 1609-B
  • 1609-D
  • 1609-P

Active filters

Allen-Bradley 1606-XLSBAT1 7Ah / 12V...

1606-XLSBAT1 7Ah / 12V Replacement Battery

Allen-Bradley 1606-XLSBAT2 26Ah / 12V...

1606-XLSBAT2 26Ah / 12V Replacement Battery

Allen-Bradley 1606-XLSBAT5 5AH...


Allen-Bradley 1606-XLSBATASSY1 7.5Ah...

1606-XLSBATASSY1 7.5Ah Battery Assembly w/ Mounting Bracket

Allen-Bradley 1606- XLSBATASSY2...

1606- XLSBATASSY2 26Ah/12V Battery Assembly with Bracket

Allen-Bradley 1606- XLSBATBR1 Battery...

1606- XLSBATBR1 Battery Bracket for 7Ah / 12V Battery

Allen-Bradley 1606- XLSBATBR2 Battery...

1606- XLSBATBR2 Battery Bracket for 26Ah / 12V Battery

Allen Bradley 16095000CCT 5KVA CCT

Allen Bradley 16095000CCT 5KVA CCT

Allen Bradley 1609-500HBAT 500VA 50C...

Allen Bradley 1609-500HBAT 500VA 50C REP BATTERY

Allen-Bradley 1609-500SBAT...

1609-500SBAT Replacement Battery 500VA, Standard, 40°C

Allen-Bradley 1609-HDK1 HARDWARE KIT


Allen-Bradley 1609-NMC Network...

1609-NMC Network Management Card for UPS