ABB AC500 series offers interoperability and compatibility with hardware and software. A full range from compact PLCs up to high end and safety PLCs.

EC581-ARCNET ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP140500R3260

AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display,KBA

PM591-ETH ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP150100R0170

AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM590-ETH ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP150000R0271

AC500,Prog.Log.Controller 2MB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM582-ARCNET-R01xx ABB - 1SAP140200R0160

AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 512kB,24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM571-ETH-R01xx ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP130100R0170

PM571-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 64kB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM581 ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP140100R0100

PM581:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display

PM581-ARCNET ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP140100R0160

AC500,Prog.Log.Controller 256kB,24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM582 ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP140200R0201

AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 512kB 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display

PM582-ETH ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP140200R0170

AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 512kB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM573-ETH ABB Programmable Control Unit - 1SAP130300R0271

PM573-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 512kB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM590-ETH-R01xx ABB - 1SAP150000R0170

AC500,Prog.Log.Controller 2MB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM581-ETH ABB - Progammable Logic Controller 1SAP140100R0170

PM581-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display

PM564-T-ETH ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1TNE968900R1110

PM564-T-ETH PM564-T-ETH Programmable Logic Control

DC551-CS31-KBA ABB - 1SAP220500R3001

Bus Module 8DI/16DC KBA DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire CS31

1SAP186200R0004 ABB - TA574-D-T-ETH

AC500,Starter Kit for Automation Builder with CPU PM554-TP-ETH, programming cable, digital input simulator, getting started instructions

PM554-T-ETH ABB Programmable Logic Control - 1TNE968900R0110

PM554-T-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 128kB,8DI/6DO-T,1xETH,1xRS485 2xOption Slots,24VDC

PM571 ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1SAP130100R0100

PM571:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 64kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display

1SAP186200R0003 ABB - TA574-A-T

AC500,Starter Kit with CPU PM564-T, programming cable, digital input simulator, starter kit version of programming software PS501 Control Builder Plus, getting started handbook

PM564-T ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1TNE968900R1100

PM564-T:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 128kB 6DI/6DO-T/2AI/1AO,1xRS485 2xOption Slots,24VDC

PM564-R ABB - 1TNE968900R1200

PM564-R,PM564-R:AC500 PLC,128kB, 6DI/6DO-R/2AI/1AO, V1.3.x

PM554-R ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1TNE968900R0200

PM554-R,PM554-R:AC500 PLC,128kB, 8DI/6DO-R,24VDC, V1.3.x

PM554-T ABB - Programmable Logic Controller 1TNE968900R0100

PM554-T:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller,128kB 8DI/6DO-T,1xRS485 2xOption Slots,24VDC