Allen-Bradley ControlLogix control systems use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide high performance in an easy-to-use environment. Tight integration between the programming software, controller, and I/O modules reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation. You can perform standard and safety control in the same chassis for a truly integrated system. Leverage the high-availability and extreme environment capabilities to meet your application needs.

ControlLogix 5580

ControlLogix 5570

1756 ControlLogix

  • 1756-L61
  • 1756-L62
  • 1756-L63
  • 1756-L64
  • 1756-L65
  • 1756-L61S
  • 1756-L62S
  • 1756-L63
  • 1756-L63XT
1756-L64, 1756-L65, 1756-L71, 1756-L72, 1756-L73, 1756-L73XT, 1756-L74, 1756-L75, 1756-L71K, 1756-L72K, 1756-L73K, 1756-L74K, 1756-L75K, 1756-L81E, 1756-L82E, 1756-L83E, 1756-L84E, 1756-L85E,, 1756-L81EK, 1756-L82EK, 1756-L83EK, 1756-L84EK, 1756-L85EK

WiAutomation provides a wide range of Allen-Bradley ControlLogix spare parts.

1756-L65 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5565 Processor

1756-L65 ControlLogix Logix5565 Processor, 32MB Memory

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1756-L63XT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix-XT Logix5563 Processor

1756-L63XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5563 Processor with 8MB Memory

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1756-L64 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5564 Processor

1756-L64 ControlLogix Logix5564 Processor, 16MB Memory

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1756-L85E Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor

1756-L85E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 40MB, USB/EtherNet

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1756-L63 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5563 Processor, 8MB Memory

1756-L63 ControlLogix Logix5563 Processor, 8MB Memory

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1756-L63S Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Safety Processor

1756-L63S GuardLogix Safety Processor 8M Memory, 4M Safety Memory

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1756-L73SXT Allen-Bradley guardlogix

1756-L73SXT Allen-Bradley guardlogix extended environmental integrated safety controller with 8m standard memory & 4m safety memory.

1756-L75 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5675 Processor

1756-L75 ControlLogix Logix5675 Processor with 32 Mbytes Memory

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1771-NBTC Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-NBTC PLC-5 8P Analog TC/mV Combo Module, High Resolution

1756-L73XT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix-XT Logix5673 Processor

1756-L73XT ControlLogix-XT Logix5673 Processor with 8MB Memory

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1756-L55M16 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L55M16 ControlLogix Logix5555 Processor, 7.5MB Memory

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1756-L74 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5574 Processor

1756-L74 ControlLogix Logix5574 Processor with 16 Mbytes Memory

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1756-L1M3 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L1M3 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 2MB User Memory

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1756-L53 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Fixed Processor

1756-L53 ControlLogix Logix5553 Fixed Processor, 1.5Mb User Memory

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1756-L83E Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor

1756-L83E ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor, 10MB, USB/EtherNet

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1756-L73K Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5673 Processor

1756-L73K ControlLogix Logix5673 Processor, 8MB, Conformal Coating

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1756-L55M22 Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Processor

1756-L55M22 Logix5555 Processor, 750KB Non-Volatile Memory

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1756-L61 Allen Bradley ControlLogix Logix5561 Processor

Allen Bradley 1756-L61 ControlLogix Logix5561 Processor 2MB Memory

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1756-L73 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5673 Processor

1756-L73 ControlLogix Logix5673 Processor with 8 Mbytes Memory

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1756-L72 Allen Bradley ControlLogix Logix5572 Processor

Allen Bradley 1756-L72 ControlLogix Logix5572 Processor with 4 Mbytes Memory

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1756-L62 Allen Bradley ControlLogix Processor

Allen Bradley 1756-L62 ControlLogix Logix5562 Processor 4MB Memory

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1756-L1M1 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L1M1 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor, 512KB Memory

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1756-L55M13 Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Processor

1756-L55M13 Logix5555 Processor, 1.5MB Memory

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1756-RM2XT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix-XT Redundancy Module

1756-RM2XT ControlLogix-XT Redundancy Module with up to 1000 Mbps

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1756-L55 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L55 ControlLogix Logix5555 Processor, No User Memory

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1756-L1M2 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L1M2 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 1MB User Memory

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1756-M08SEG Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Servo Module

1756-M08SEG ControlLogix 8 Axis SERCOS interface module Extended Pack Profile compliant

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1756-L55M24 Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Processor

1756-L55M24 Logix5555 Processor, 3.5MB Non-Volatile Memory

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1756-L71SK Allen Bradley GuardLogix Processor

Allen Bradley 1756-L71S GuardLogix Processor 2MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory

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1756-L1 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor

1756-L1 ControlLogix Logix5550 Processor with 64KB User Memory

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1769-L36ERMS Allen Bradley GuardLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller

1769-L36ERMS GuardLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 4.5MB Memory

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1772-LW Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Mini-PLC-2/17 Controller

1772-LW Mini-PLC-2/17 Controller, 7.75K Word SRAM, without a PS - 1772LW

1756-L71 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5571 Processor

1756-L71 ControlLogix Logix5571 Processor with 2 Mbytes Memory

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1756-L71K Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Logix5571 Processor

1756-L71K ControlLogix Logix5571 Processor 2MB, Conformal Coat

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1756-L55M12 Allen-Bradley Controllogix Processor

1756-L55M12 Logix5555 Processor, 750KB Memory

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1772-LSP Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Mini-PLC-2/05 Controller

1772-LSP Mini-PLC-2/05 Controller, 3K CMOS RAM, with PS

1756-RM2 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Redundancy Module

1756-RM2 ControlLogix Redundancy Module with up to 1000 Mbps

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1756-LSP Allen-Bradley ControlLogix GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller

1756-LSP Allen-Bradley ControlLogix GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller

1772-LS Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Mini-PLC-2/05 Controller

1772-LS Mini-PLC-2/05 Controller, 3K CMOS RAM, No PS

1772-LZP Allen-Bradley CONTROLLOGIX Mini-PLC-2/02 Controller

1772-LZP Mini-PLC-2/02 Controller 2K Word SRAM with PS

1756-EN2TRXT Allen-Bradley ControlLogix EtherNet Module

1756-EN2TRXT ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module Dual 10/100 Mbps

1756-L61S Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Processor

1756-L61S Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Processor 2MB Std / 1MB Safety Memory

1756-EN2TXT Allen-Bradley Logix XT EtherNet Module

1756-EN2TXT Logix XT EtherNet/IP bridge Module 10/100 Mbps

1756-EWEB Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Web Server Module

1756-EWEB ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Enhanced Web Server Module

1756-OF8IH Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Analog Isolated Output

1756-OF8IH ControlLogix Analog Isolated Output HART 8-Point

1756-EN2TRK Allen Bradley ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge

1756-EN2TRK ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Dual 10/100 Mbps

1756-IRT8IK Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Input Module

1756-IRT8IK Allen-Bradley ControlLogix rtd / ohms / thermocouple / mv input module, 8 individually configurable isolated points (36 pin) - conformally coated

1756-CNB Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Bridge Module

1756-CNB ControlLogix ControlNet Bridge Module

1756-IR12 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Non-Isolated RTD

1756-IR12 ControlLogix Non-Isolated RTD Input, 12 Points

1756-L7SP Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Controller

1756-L7SP ControlLogix GuardLogix Safety Partner Controller

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