Allen-Bradley's CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix controllers use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide mid-range application control in an easy-to-use environment. Tight integration between the programming software, controller and I/O modules reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation. This commonality provides cost-effective integration of a machine or safety application into a plant-wide control system because it integrates safety, motion, discrete and drive capabilities in a single controller.

  • Armor Compact GuardLogix 5370
  • Armor CompactLogix 5370
  • Compact GuardLogix 5370
  • CompactLogix 5370
  • Compact GuardLogix 5380
  • CompactLogix 5380
  • CompactLogix 5480
  • 1769 CompactLogix
  • CompactLogix L4x & L4xS
  • 1769 CompactLogix L3x

WiAutomation provides a wide range of Allen-Bradley CompactLogix spare parts.

1756-PA30XT Allen-Bradley

ControlLogix XT Slim Power Supply, Rack Mount, Input Voltage: 85-265V AC 50/60Hz, 6A @ 5V DC Output, Output Power: 30W

1768-PA3 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix Power Supply 120/240 VAC Input 3.5 Amp @ 24 VDC Output

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1768-PB3 Allen-Bradley

Allen-Bradley - ROCKWELL AUTOMATION 1768-PB3 Power Supply, 16.9 - 31.2VDC Input, 24VDC Output, 90W, 50A

1769-PA4K Allen-Bradley

Power Supply 120/240 VAC Input 4A @ 5VDC, 2A @ 24VDC - Conformally Coated

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1769-PB4K Allen-Bradley

Power Supply 24VDC Input 4A @ 5VDC 2A @ 24VDC - Conformally Coated

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1769-PB4 Allen-Bradley

1769-PB4 CompactLogix Power Supply 24VDC Input, 4A@5V DC Output

1769-PA2K Allen-Bradley

Power Supply 120/240 VAC Input 2 Amp @ 5 VDC Output - Conformally Coated

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1769-PB2K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix DC 2A/0.8A Power Supply

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1768-PA3/A ALLEN-BRADLEY - Power Supply 1768PA3A

Power Supply 120/240VAC Input 3.5A/24VDC, A